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Baltic LNG Workshop – Gdańsk 16-17.V.2017

Baltic LNG Workshop – Gdansk 16-17.V.2017Przedstawiciele Wiertconsulting Sp. z o.o. wzięli udział w I Bałtyckich Warsztatach LNG, które odbyły w dniach 16-17 maja 2017 r. w hotelu Golden Tulip w Gdańsku.

The first edition of the Baltic LNG Workshop organized in conjunction with Emerson Process Management, Kosan Crisplant and Cryostar behind us (16-17 May 2017, Hotel Golden Tulip Gdańsk Residence). Thank you for the large number of participants.  

Here are examples of topics: Settlement and technological measurements of LNG flows, Monitoring of measurement systems - GUM legal requirements, Measurement of ‘small LNG’, LNG as fuel - refuelling stations, LNG - Technologies, Radar level measurement systems in LNG applications - Electrotechnical installations in gas zones, Gas composition analysis of energy measurement, Infrastructure Safety and Security Management Systems, AKPiA Integrated security systems, PHA analysis as the first step to improve safety, LNG as fuel for ships, Small scale liquefaction from the natural gas grid, Smart gas-to-power solutions, LNG supply chain and commercial solutions, GIIGNL requirements for field proving of LNG flow meters 

We hope that the knowledge transferred in the area of modern solutions regarding technology, measurement methods, optimization and safety of construction and operation of industrial installations in the LNG industry will be useful and helpful in practical activities.

We also hope that the first Baltic LNG Workshop gave you valuable information broadening your professional knowledge. Thank you once again and see you next year!  


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